Pigs flew and hell froze over at high noon on March 22, 2005, when Scott and Miriam, after 16 years together, were legally married.
Cambridge City Hall was the place, where, for $50, the city clerk will marry you in a nice ceremony in the city council chambers.
Who got to come? Here they all are: Eric, Heather, their mother Karen (Miriam's best friend), Scott's daughter Laura, Karen's husband Kim, Scott's nephew Christopher, Scott's daughter Emily, and Emily's best friend Sarah.
Lunch ended up at Bertucci's. Karen, Heather, and Eric made the cake - yum!
We honeymooned with Emily and Laura in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, and also visited Miriam's 'Aunt' Sis in Pompano Beach.


  1. Why did you do it? The legal advantages have finally outweighed our aversion to the state's sanctioning of private relationships.

  2. Why now? It's very hard to arrange to have both Em and Laura here together AND able to go on a trip. The window of opportunity opened, and we jumped out!

  3. Is Miriam changing her name? No, but Scott and the girls will continue to be known as Kadansky's when on vacations arranged by Miriam :-)

  4. Are you finally moving in together? Yes, it's official: On July 22, 2005, Scott and Miriam moved into a condo in 19th-century Brookside Mill.

  5. What about that ring? The ring is Miriam's mother's engagement ring from 1952. "No diamonds were harmed in the making of this wedding."

  6. Are you registered anywhere? We are 'registered' with American Red Cross disaster relief. If you would like to mark the occasion, consider make a donation. No gifts please!

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