Mom and Dad at their wedding, December 25, 1952
Dad on strike, some time in the late 1950's
(left) Miriam, Martin, and David squinting into the sun in Forest Park, 1963

(right) Mom's best friend Cis and her daughter Barbara (now attorney and family consigleire), at David's birthday party, 1958

David, Ken, and Martin, 1981
Laura at the Thoreau Club pool, 1991
Martin, 1990
Joey and his motorcycle, ca. 1990

Joey and Louis, before his three-year disappearance

Em, Laura, Jean, and a big frog, Crescent Lake, 1991
His-and-her airplanes, Hanscom Field, 1991
Laura and Em, 1993
Jean with Naomi in Romania, 1994
(l) Blakes in Avon, NJ, 1994

(r) Same photo, minus the goofy filter

Laura and Em, 1994
Em, basketball, and the broken wrist, 1994

Em as the grim reaper, Halloween 1994

CJ, Scott, and Miriam, Bahamas trip, 1995
Laura and Em, 1995
Christopher, Lorenz, and Joey, 1995
Em and Scott, violin recital, 1995
Scott and Miriam in the Keys, 1996
Naomi at Kim and Rachel's in Seattle, 1996
Blakes and Kadansky's, Thanksgiving in Westford, 1996 (l-r) Miriam, Addie, Martin, Alex, Don, Charles, Becca, David, and Emily
Em, and red-haired Em with Miriam and Laura's boogie board, 1997
Em, Scott, Miriam, Laura, and Ashleigh in the backyard, 1997
Em, 1998
David In Hawaii, 1998
Laura, Addie and Miriam rafting in North Carolina, 1998

Photo copyright 1998 Nantahala Outdoor Center. Reproduced with permission.

Laura, 1999
Rare photo of Louis, Joey (RIP 2004), and Ashleigh (RIP 2006) all in the same room, 1999
Laura and Em, 2000
(l) Laura and the rocket, 2000

(r) Laura at the Atlantis pool, 2000

Laura and Em, 2001
Em and Sarah on their way to the prom, 2001
Laura, Em, Scott, and Miriam, Lake Wentworth, 2001
Em and Shadow, Lake Wentworth, 2001
Miriam's best friend Karen, with her husband Kim and kids Heather and Eric at Stonehenge, 2001
Scott and his fantasy car (minivan with jet engine), 2002
Laura and Miriam at Kennedy Space Center, 2003
Laura and Miriam at the practice muster on a cruise to the Bahamas, 2003
Scott and Laura on a bike ride around Lake Wentworth, 2003
Miriam and Alice recreating their college graduation photo at their 25th reunion, 2004
Scott, Miriam, and Laura at the Minnetonka Chamber Choir's bon voyage concert, 2004
Scott, Miriam, Em, and Laura with Scott's stepmother Addie, July, 2005, after Scott's father Don passed away.

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