On July 21, 2007, we became dog people, adopting Sunny from Moosehill Corgis. Lots more about Sunny on his own website.
I adopted Louis as a kitten in 1988 to be Joey's companion. They had eight fun-filled years together before Louis disappeared. Joey, normally a silent cat, howled for weeks after. Three years later, Louis was returned to me by cat-tracker extrodinaire Caroline Greco of Kitty Angels. She spotted him at his lair beneath a beauty salon in a nearby town, still wearing his leather collar and ID tag. Here's a picture of him before his capture; that's Caroline's shadow in the photo. How he survived in the wild is a mystery; he even managed to gain four pounds, which accounts for why his collar never came off. Louis lived for another 10 years, despite a bout with cancer in 2001. Needless to say, he was no longer allowed outside. Louis passed away at home, at the ripe old age of 20, on Christmas Day, 2008.
Ashley became a member of the family when Scott and Emily moved to Westford in the fall of 1993. She was a well-behaved, patient, and very furry friend that accompanied Emily during elementary school and up through college. Her favorite things were escaping to the bushes in the front of 50 Newport drive (Scott once caught the neighbors cat and brought it into the house thinking it was Ashley), watching the bird’s nest outside the living room window, and spending NFL Sundays at the foot of Scott’s reclining chair when Emily lived in the college dorms. Ashley moved to Boston once Emily got her own apartment and became very popular with all of Emily’s friends. In October of 2005 she was diagnosed with Cancer and had to be put to sleep the following June. She was a perfect pet and an even better friend.

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