I went to public school and generally kept out of trouble. I was so busy studying in high school, I had no idea the yearbook staff had taken this picture.
I spent many summers at the Ross Program, a summer mathematics course for high-school students, trying to "think deeply about simple things." Thanks to the Department of Photography, Ohio State University, for the photo.
My reward was a scholarship to Harvard, which unleashed me on the world at a young age with no clues about what to do with myself. Here I am at graduation with my friend Alice.
I learned to fly at Minute Man Air Field in 1991. Recalling the terrors of sitting in the back seat while Dad tried to teach Mom to drive back in the 60's, I did not engage Scott as my flight instructor. Two days after I passed the test, my favorite rental plane was totaled (not by me!). Thanks to Bob for the photo.
When I turned 40, I started learning how to play soccer. It looked pretty easy when Em played. Even though I'm still learning, I'm on the soccer field every Sunday, playing with the Boxborough Banshees (pictured on the right) in the 40+ League, and on the Sirens in the Close-to-Home League.
In 2003, my lifelong ambition to be on Jeopardy! was realized. I made just enough money to cover expenses.
In 2006, I completed a Master's Degree at Simmons in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

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