Happy New Year

from Emily, Laura, Miriam, and Scott

Emily: blake.e@neu.edu Laura: poshru12@aol.com

Miriam: miriam.kadansky@sun.com Scott: sb@assemblyguide.com

Laura is a high-school sophomore near Minneapolis where she lives with her mother. She travels widely with her concert choir and will visit Vienna this summer. Emily is a sophomore/junior at Northeastern University in Boston. She's doing volunteer work in Thailand in a cultural exchange program through the end of January. She was chanting “I won't move to Thailand, I won't adopt a Thai orphan...” when she left. When she returns, she'll be working co-op at Repligen, a local biotech company through June, then it's back to school. Miriam finally got to appear on Jeopardy!and came in second when everyone got the final question wrong. She continues to enjoy her work at Sun Microsystems Labs, playing lots of soccer, and chipping away at a library science degree from Simmons. Scott had another good year with his laser projection business, bought an airplane (a de-iced Piper Turbo Aztec) and still doesn't get to play enough music. He is doing fewer gigs and more serious, fun playing.