Happy New Year

from Emily, Laura, Miriam, and Scott

Emily: emily.j.blake@verizon.net

Miriam: miriam.kadansky@sun.com

Scott: sb@assemblyguide.com

Laura has started high school near Minneapolis where she lives with her mother. She successfully auditioned for the Minnetonka Chamber Choir, a performing and touring ensemble for young women. Emily is now a sophomore majoring in biochemistry at Northeastern University and working at the very trendy Caprice restaurant in Boston. Miriam keeps busy at Sun Microsystems, Simmons Graduate School of Library Science, and playing lots of soccer. Scott's eleven months of empty nest is compensated by sister Jean's summer visit from Vienna with 16 year old nephew Christopher, two of his buddies, niece Naomi-quake, and big black Lab Shadow. Scott continues with lots of interesting travel for work, which is going well. He's still flying and playing music regularly, but not as much as he'd like.

Photographed at Emily's apartment on St. Germain St., a little piece of Paris in Boston.

For more family photos, see Miriam's 'vanity' website at http://web.simmons.edu/~kadansky