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David Kadansky's Life

David was born on December 12, 1953, in Springfield, Massachusetts, a bargain at $169.
Here he is circa 1957 with Dad, Grandpa Felix, and the model trainset, which was soon banished to the basement.
David, Miriam, and Martin the baby, 1961.
David's first formal event was Grandpa Felix and Grandma Beck's 45th wedding anniversary in 1963. Mom tried to get us to stand still for a 'nice' picture, but Martin could not resist stepping on David's foot. Dad tries to stop him, but he thinks it's pretty funny too.
Science fair, circa 1968.
Yearbook candid, 1971.
David's draft card from 1972. His birthday was number 85 in the draft lottery. Mom made plans to move us all to Israel. Luckily no one from that year was ever drafted.
First trade show, probably 1977.
The VW bus in Chicago, 1978, on its way to California.
David, Ken, and Martin, San Diego, 1981.
David and the San Diego Arica Octagon: Peri Allen, Stephen Allen, Duffy Feiner, Mark Isikoff, Dit Solomon, Juanita Mulkey, John Geer, and Jerry Trachtenberg, 1995.
Ed Owen, Rick Coughlin, and David at The Learning Company, Fremont, CA 1996/7.
At the Arica lectures, Maui, 1998.
Our last family outing, Los Angeles, October, 2003, when Miriam taped her Jeopardy! appearance (l - r: Buddy, Miriam, Scott, David, Judy).
David passed away suddenly of a heart attack on June 26, 2004 at his home in Menlo Park, California.

On July 20th, the San Diego Arica family held a Black Earth Ceremony for David, supporting his evolution and awakening during the Bardo, or transitional period between incarnations.

David's remains were cremated and will be scattered at sea.
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