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Remembering David (aka Harold) Kadansky

Life is a test.
It is only a test.
If this were your actual life, you would have been given better instructions.

Hello, Everyone. As you know, it is customary to hold a memorial service in a sacred place, such as a religious sanctuary, a temple, or perhaps a garden. However, we can create sacred space anywhere because it is our intention that counts. The Internet was sacred space for David because he spent much of his time here - in his work, his play, and his communication with family and friends. He simply loved and lived this medium, and so we convene here. In this virtual sanctuary, then, we come together as family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, health care professionals, and all co-creators of a community that includes loved ones near and far. We come together to remember David and celebrate his life. We come also to mourn and say good-bye.

We come first to remember David as he was many years ago and as he was in recent months; to recall him in his times of strength as well as in his times of need; to bring to mind his moments of joy and his moments of sorrow; to remember him as he was -- a whole person. In our recollection of David, we honor not only who he was but also what his life has meant and will always mean to us.

We come also to mourn in the silent empty spaces once filled with his smile, his companionship, his conversation, and his humor. And we mourn the loss of his physical presence, the loss of a future with him.

Most of all, we come here to lift up and celebrate his life. Each of us comes with our own memories of David, for he was not the same person to any two people. Nor was he the same throughout his years with us, for he grew and changed as we all do. As we reflect on our respective relationships with David, we bring images of a man who has touched our lives - images of his face, his laughter; mental pictures of his playing computer games, having lunch with friends, playing his music, traveling, reading, working, and thinking. We bring these into our common gathering, so that the pain of losing him may be eased with the balm of love and memory.

With gratitude for the days and years we were able to share with him, we come to this memorial service for David so that we may grow through this ending. We give thanks for the part he played in our lives, for his finest qualities, his lived values, and for the imagination and dreams that guided his life. With all these treasures gathered for the journey, we gain strength and comfort for moving through the days and weeks ahead without him.

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