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I know how much David meant to Miriam. I hope his life continues to have meaning to all those who knew him.
Anne Anderson
I did not know David, I work with Miriam. Having looked at the page I guess I now know him a little. It seems he had a beautiful life.
Nir Shavit
I knew David (Harold) from the Arica community in Boston in the 70's. My thoughts and prayers go to him and to his family and friends who grieve his loss....
Farra Swan
A nice tribute/memorial to a old, old friend. I miss him.
Quentin Michel
David was our neighbor and friend in Menlo Park, CA for the past 8 years. We did not spend much time with David but when we did have the opportunity it always brought a smile to our faces and peace in our hearts. He was a very kind man.

It was also comforting to just know that he was right next door...whether it be his light shining into his garden in the wee hours of the morning or the slam of his door as he left for an errand.

It is our loss to have not known David better but we are thankful to have known him at all. Our lives are better for it.

Peace be with you, David.
Lynn & Michael Moore
Unfortunately I was out of town when Miriam was so wonderfully constructing this site. David and I met at Compton's New Media, only a few fateful months before we moved to Northern California to become part of the Learning Company.

One of my favorite memories of David is of walking into his office in San Diego and asking him for a CD he'd borrowed weeks earlier from another coworker. One glance at his desk (a giant crapalanche), and I was sure it would take him a long time to find the disc in question. Instead, David held his hand to his head for a moment, reached into the pile, and magically pulled out exactly what I was looking for! That man knew how to heap sort.

Even after we stopped working together, David was a regular attendee of the annual joint birthday party held by my husband (Kyle) and me in Oakland, CA. It was always a pleasure to catch up with him and see him chatting with other party regulars. He was there for the Y2K New Year's Eve party when Kyle proposed to me. I still remember his comment on our wedding response card -- one of my favorites: "Dude and Dudette, I am SO there!"

This year's party was on June 27, a combined birthday party and housewarming for our very first real house. I was disappointed that he didn't show up for the party (as he had RSVP'd), and am only more sad that we won't see him in future. Hopefully some of his spirit will come around and help us ikebana/bonsai our garden, because it could use some help!
Celeste Young
I was David's manager when he worked at Nuvomedia. I remember well the day I interviewed him; he came highly recommended by his friend Mike Morford, who was already working with us. David was definitely a unique personality; weirdly what I remember most is that he wore a tie to the interview, which is normal for most professions, but not all that usual among software engineers.

I hired David and he worked with our team throughout the next roller coaster of a year, bringing joy and his own unique outlook on life to our company. When we all left the company (pretty much en masse) the following year, we stayed in tough with regular monthly lunches, and David was one of the most faithful attendees. It was always great to see him.

We have had several group lunches since then and I am always wishing David would walk around the corner to join us.
Tristan Colson
It was a shock to hear of Harold's passing. When I think back on the high school days I will remember him fondly. The pictures I have of him and our group are all the more precious now.
Gone but not forgotten
Fay Barrett Borgatti
This is a great testament to Harold, and I'm so glad you put it together... it was a lovely idea!
Amy Lenzo
I did have the privilege of meeting David, but all too briefly. I remember his sense of humor and underlying gentleness. This site is a beautiful memorial to his life.
Radia Perlman
I am Miriam's Nail Tech/Hair Stylist/Shrink, Although I was never fortunate to meet David I felt I knew him so well, I am lucky to at least share all these wonderful stories about his life--which sounds astounding. Miriam I am so sorry for your loss. You will always have all these wonderful memories. He is going to be missed by many people. This is a great tribute to him. Thank you all for sharing.
It has almost been a year now and there is still an empty spot in my heart. But I am grateful for all the memories around that spot. Hugs David.
Jane Lambert
I was shocked to stumble over a memorial site for the person I remember as Harold. He and I shared most of our classes in high school at Tech, and he showed me many things.

I remember his getting me started with the APL computer language, and his cracking the login codes for all the Springfield high schools (and Raytheon as well!) on that system. I also remember going together up to the Springfield Technical Community College campus to run their IBM 360/25 when they gave up their APL system.

Harold led the way for me and got me revved up about so many of the things that are still major pieces of my life - math and computers especially. He was always showing me new and very interesting things he was doing, like his APL sentence generator. I followed him onto the math team, and followed him, a year later, to Stevens Tech for a summer science program.

I was hoping to get back in touch. Guess that'll have to wait, though...

What a flood of memories.
Chuck Malloch

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